"My passion for hot rods began when I found a 1927 Model T coupe on an old rancher’s land. I talked him into selling it to me for $50, and then took it back to my dad’s mechanic shop and started building it the best way I knew how at the time. I made it drive, but quickly realized what I could have done better. Ever since then I have been building and re-building hot rods and custom cars. Opening a hot rod shop has been like a dream come true. I get to come to work every day to be surrounded by some of the coolest cars and make them even cooler. I have a great group of guys to work with and great wife who has been by me as we built the shop from the ground up. I’m excited to see where we will go from here."

Owner/Office Manager

“I’m Jennifer, AKA the shop mama, and I handle financials and administrative duties. My hardest job here at Empire is keeping the boys in line! I have had a love for cars for most of my life. Kris introduced me to hot rods, and the rest is history. We take pride in what we do and appreciate the support of our team and our clients!"

Body man

“I started doing body repair at the age of 16. My dad was a body tech and metal fab guy. I grew up watching him work. I’ve been at Empire for 4 years now and love working here. We create rolling artwork, and can’t beat the guy I work for.”

Shop Foreman/Mechanic

“I have been wrenching on cars for about 14 years, and have been with Empire for over a year now. Working on hot rods has been a big change since I specialized in imports prior to this position. I always strive to do my best by our customers and am always learning new skills.”

Little Chris

“I come from a long line of mechanics. My grandpa and dad were both mechanics. I started with Empire after working at a machine shop for 4 years. I love working at Empire because I get to live out my dream of building one of a kind cars.”


"I've been in the auto industry for many years. My passion for hotrods is what brought me to Empire Garage. It doesn't feel like work when I'm when I'm doing what I love."


"I was born in Paris, France but moved to Texas when I was 5. I was raised in New Braunfels, Texas. At the age of 20, I joined the Army and did a 5 year contract as airborne infantry with one tour to Afghanistan. My contract ended in 2018, so I moved back to Texas and began working with Empire Garage."


"I have a passion for things that go fast and have power. I've driven vehicles from 4-wheelers to tanks and almost everything in between. I first got into working on cars when I was in high school, and then went to trade school for mechanics. It blossomed from there. Rat rods and lead sleds are by far my favorite type of vehicles. I'm in a veteran car club with some amazing people with some sick rides, and have a fantastic job getting to do what I enjoy every day."


"After work everyday, I started to work on my first truck and my passion for the custom car and truck world just took off. Ever since then all I've wanted to do was build anything custom, no matter what it was. As I progressed through the years I didn't want to be limited to one area, sowith a few tips from friends I taught myself how to do fabrication, body work and paint, weld, and tig weld. I wanted to be able to build a full custom car or truck by myself from start to finish. Now I have reached my dream of building amazing custom vehicles everyday. I love what I do and that I have the opportunity to do it."